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Ushers’ Statement of Purpose: To demonstrate our gift of hospitality and service at its highest. We also seek to help other disciples prepare themselves for worship service.The Ushers’ Ministry play a big role in the church. Ushers are very unique people who love to serve as they meet and greet disciples as they enter into the church. Ushers assist the pastor, deacons, and the congregation in keeping order in the sanctuary.

To be a good usher you should:

  1. Know your church program

  2. All ushers must be a Christian to be the kind of usher that God would have you to be. As an usher you’re a representative of the church and you’re representing Christ, therefore ushers must be Christ like.

A church usher introduces new comers to the church.

Ushers are called watchman, 2nd Samuel 18:24 & 25

1 Chronicles the 17th chapter they’re called porters and 1st Chronicles 15:23, 24 doorkeepers.

For centuries until today we find people that render the same service in the church; ushers.

All ushers should be faithful, dedicated, and dependable to the ministry for God and not anyone else.

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