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1.  We believe that the first purpose of the church is to win people to the Christian family of God through active evangelism.


2.  We believe in the anointed pastor as the under shepherd of the church.


3.  We believe that excellence and harmony honors God and inspires people to go out and seek and save souls.


4.  We believe that the Christian life is the beginning of a journey of service of God.


5.  We believe that preaching and teaching are interrelated, and the body of Christ is edified in the work.


6.  We believe that praise and prayer are a part of the holy worship and reverence of God in His sanctuary.


7.  We believe in a unified budget and responsible stewardship of all God’s blessings.


8.  We believe that the anointing makes the difference in leading, teaching, preaching and living a victorious life.


9.  We believe that the church should be culturally relevant while remaining spiritually and Doctorally sound. Therefore, are methods must constantly change, but the message must always remain the same.


10. We believe that the identification and awareness of each disciple’s passion and spiritual gifts for ministry is the key to effective ministry. Therefore, the church should be led by men and women with appropriate leadership gifts.


11. We believe that all those who do the praying and praising as demonstrated by their participation in worship, Bible studies and stewardship, should participate in the planning and decision making process.


12. We believe that the Bible contains the Word of God, therefore the Scripture is our authority.

Reference Articles of Faith, Church Covenant and General Church Teaching

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